Because They Did See Your Text


One of our generations biggest pet peeves is when people don’t answer our text. The demand for a reply is crucial. You can end a relationship in seconds. I once didn’t get a text back from my cousin so, I texted his girlfriend to text him to text me back. True story. So true it actually inspired this post. Like, it really happened 30 minutes ago. What’s the big deal anyway? Why aren’t these people texting us back when we know for a damn fact they’re on their phone? The next person who does not text me back asap, is dead in my book. More or less.

Consider the faux conversation above.  Anyone in love knows when the babe texts it’s a millisecond reply. The point is we know their asses got our text they just don’t want to write back. I hope you’re not about to ask me why that is because I don’t know the answer. However, I have thought about scenarios. You know to give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  1. Their hands fell off. Clearly they were posting updates and tweeting so much their hands just popped right off when our text came in
  2. It’s must’ve been a gory scene losing their hands and all so I’m sure they had to use their feet to clean up the blood
  3. Their phone company shut their ish off just as they were about to text back. Oh, about that Instagram post? They did it online because apparently Instagram made them the exception of being the first of no one to be able to access it online
  4. No that’s not it. They just didn’t get your text. Not the first, second, or third. Duh
  5. They’re douchebags and you don’t need to text them at all. When they text you don’t text back either. Problem solved