Guest Editor Holiday Edition: Tumblr Superstar Aurélie Langué

Aurélie Langué of For Those Who Crave Fashion Tumblr blog has garnered over 47,000 followers on her blog all by the means of reblogging images of which none depict her personal style unlike the traditional fashion bloggers. With nothing, but her incredible eye for contemporary fashion, she’s captured the hearts of many chic girls on Tumblr, even our Editor-in-Chief Tita Vizcarra who was the one that discovered Aurélie. The uniqueness of Aurélie’s Tumblr is the coordination she has going on: Strictly black and white fashion photography. The French born and New York raised and based Tumblr maven is the offspring of a woman who use to model in Paris for legendary designers. How cool is that? Basically it’s in Aurélie’s genes to be so fashionably awesome. Her success on Tumblr proves her worthy contender of serving as our last Guest Editor of our Holiday Edition segment. We were elated when she agreed to create a holiday wish list for OMGee. Check out the rest of her commentary and until next month!

Editor’s Notes

1. Moschino belt: “I have a younger sister who’s 15. She and I are both extremely into fashion and because my mother was a model she has a lot of designer items in her old apartment in Paris. My mom came home one day with a package; her sisters shipped two belts: One Vintage Moschino and one Vintage Chanel belt. Christel (my younger sister) jumped for the Moschino and I jumped for the Chanel. It worked out perfectly, but I still really want a Moschino belt. I love the way it looks and seeing it paired with jeans or dresses just looks perfect. Call me greedy, but I hope I get a Moschino belt this year!”

2. Isabel Marant sneaker wedges: “I love these sneakers. They can easily be styled casually and for formal events. I’m not usually a sneaker person (at all), but these sneakers are different and definitely something worth looking at.”

3. Alexander Wang bag: “I saw this bag when it came out and fell in love with it. I love the design and how you can either [wear] it as a satchel or hold [carry it] as a handbag. I also love how much room there is in the bag and [I want it in leather because it’s water proof]. I am planning on using it as my new school bag. I currently have the Lady Dior bag, but I usually change school bags every Christmas so they don’t get worn out. I also think the bottom of the bag will be very reliable and suitable for…school days.

4. Wildfox Couture sweater: “Reason for wanting this item: I love oversize sweaters and although I know some people may view Wildfox Couture as being overpriced, I’ve had my eye on this item for a while. I have it on my christmas list and since I’ve been good this year I hope I get it.”